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August 30th, 2007 · No Comments

NINJAM – Realtime Music Collaboration Software

This is by far the coolest thing to hit the net since napster, audiogalaxy,, shoot even IM, although … not stumble upon.

Ok, maybe most people aren’t going to see the true awesomeness of it.
I don’t get out much, and I get to jam even less, this sucks.
I’ve been to yahoo chat rooms where they have one person talking, or one person playing, and the rest of us listen. Not with ninjam. With ninjam I actually *play with* other people.

The *really really* cool thing is it isn’t windows only!! You can run a client on Mac, Windows, and linux. Someone even put out the .deb packages for ubuntu.

I feel like we had a really good jam session, and I don’t even know these guys.

It was *fun*

One nice thing about it … you couldn’t see your fellow jammers, so you couldn’t tell if they thought you sucked … lol. You couldn’t tell if they were 5 or 85. Fat or skinny. It was great. It’s not like you had to ad hear to an “image” because you couldn’t see what they were wearing.

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