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I wonder what happened

November 9th, 2007 · No Comments

Iggy sent me this link about download study of radio head’s album as a comment on my last post, I figured I’d talk about it.

I wonder how valid the study is to be honest.  I mean … it’s *really* easy to find a free online proxy, and slant the numbers.  If they are legit … shame on you.  At least give em a buck.  I haven’t downloaded the album, granted besides “Creep” I don’t really listen to Radiohead.

There are just too many artists on that want me to download them.  I don’t get on p2p networks any more.  Although Retroshare looks like a really cool idea.  If I could get some of my buddies from the old audiogalaxy on that … it would be great, but I digress.

It’s easy enough to find a proxy service like and visit the site in question and, put 0 in for the price.

So I’m guessing … that maybe just maybe the RIAA said we can’t have that … let’s waste $100,000 shoot maybe even $10,000 to set up a script that proxies in, and downloads it for free.  This can’t be a success.  If it is we’ll loose all our artists.

Well that’s my theory, if not shame on anyone who didn’t pay at least a buck.  I mean shoot if they got $1 from everyone that downloaded then we could have had a chance at loosing our current model.  All the money would have gone to the artist, and perhaps p2p would become mainstream, we could have then downloaded to our hearts content.  But nooo.

Oh well.

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